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class HelloWorld
  def self.hello(name = 'World')
    "Hello, #{name}!"

Key Features of Ruby


Developer happiness

Ruby puts developer-happiness first. It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and write.

Metaprogramming magic

Ruby code can write and invoke Ruby code.

Garbage Collection

Garbage collection done via mark and sweep, stays out of your way.

Large standard library

Ruby's standard library provides a wealth of classes utilities for common tasks.

Flexible package manager

Packages (gems) can be centrally managed, but can also include custom or private gem stores.

Strong, dynamic typing

Ruby is strong and dynamically typed and supports 'Duck Typing'. Everything in Ruby is an object

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Every language has its own way of doing things. Ruby is no different. Nunc et ipsum in erat congue cursus. Donec dignissim accumsan elit, quis tristique massa scelerisque sed. Quisque tellus augue, laoreet in sem non, feugiat dictum leo. Morbi ac enim ut nulla vulputate pulvinar congue non velit.

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